Hard Time / Life Limited Part Lease Conditions

Component considerations during a lease review require knowledge of the specific lease conditions, it is vital you familiarise yourself with these.

While there are many variations consider the following example in the case of Hard time or Life Limited parts:

“All hard time and life limited Parts which are installed on the Aircraft will have an FAA Form 8130 3 or EASA Form 1 acceptable to EASA evidencing the airworthiness of such Part at the time of installation on the Aircraft. In the case of life limited Parts only, the documentation will also state the total Flight Hours, Cycles or calendar days, as applicable, since new and include full back to birth Traceability. In the case of hard time Parts, the documentation will also state the time since last Overhaul or refurbishment, will have a reference to the relevant section of the Component Maintenance Manual under which the Part was Overhauled or refurbished, as applicable, and will identify the FAA approved repair agency or EASA approved repair agency, as applicable, which performed the last Overhaul or refurbishment.”

What should you be looking for?

– Form 1 or FAA 8130 at installation
– For LLP (Life Limited Part) a Back to Birth (BTB) trace is required
– Last Overhaul or Refurb date
– Repair Station identifier

It is often the back to birth traceability that is considered important as this maintains the asset value for the lessor – this trace proves the history of the part. It is worth noting that this condition is more restrictive than CAMO requirements for such items / parts; “back to birth” is a phrase associated with leasing for aircraft.

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