CAMO – Aircraft Reliability – The value of information.

We have looked previously at some of the considerations with regards to items you may and may not want to include in your reliability programme; of course, the purpose of all the data we gather is to create information we can use to improve reliability of the aircraft.

The reliability programme can be used to monitor the effectiveness of the maintenance plan for the aircraft but can also help us in identifying trends that might come to light.

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Aircraft Leasing & Maintenance Reserves

Maintenance Reserves are monthly payments made by the airline to the lessor. The payments are often referred to as “Supplemental Rent” and belong to the lessor.

The accumulation of the funds is used to cover the costs of scheduled major maintenance events on Airframe, Landing Gear, Engines and APU.

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CAMO – Aircraft Reliability; omitted items from consideration

When we review aircraft reliability we cover a large scope, for example you are considering component reliability, engines, technical delays, repetitive defects and many more.

As we saw last week in our post, we mentioned there are some components that you would not want to consider as a reliability issue – such as a worn tyre as we expect these items to wear, and we expect to replace them.

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CAMO and Aircraft Lease Transition – Aircraft Painting Hangar Representation

While on-site for a paint event representing the aircraft lessor it is frequent practice to be present for the post primer inspection to ensure you are happy with application and no defects are found such as dust inclusions, sags or runs.

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Aircraft Reliability – Component Removal – CAMO Considerations

Aircraft Reliability is an important way to track both trends and ensure that a maintenance plan is appropriate for the aircraft and its operating environment.

When we mention component removals for reliability purposes, we are not concerned about planned routine component removals; we need to analyse however any component that is removed because of a failure/defect or suspected failure/defect.

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