Technical Lease
Training Programme

The Technical Lease Training Programme covers all aspects required to transition an aircraft off-lease and deliver onwards to the next lessee. The program offers a full suite of material that gives you a great platform to work from but also gives you direction along the aircraft transition cycle.

  • Technical Records Course (2 Modules)
  • Engine and Landing Gear Records Module
  • Structures & Sheetmetal Module
  • Lease Transition Awareness Course (3 Modules)
  • Download Material including Checklists and Plans

Price: 499.00 excl. VAT


The program covers the technical lease review including the airframe, structure, engine’s, APU and landing gear right through to the typical lease costings; lease agreement terminology along with the checklists for each stage and an optimum timeline to follow ensuring on time delivery.

If you are currently in the aviation industry this program is the upskilling required to enter the lucrative aircraft and engine leasing market, if you are already in the leasing market this is a “must have” program to increase your asset knowledge and understanding of the technical requirements at end of lease.

New to aviation?
This program will give you a foundation to build your career on.


Technical Lease Training Programme Syllabus


Technical Records 

Engines & Landing Gear 

Structures & Sheetmetal 

Lease Transition Awareness 


Planning a Lease Return
Pre-Redelivery Meeting
Lease Return Conditions
Records Review Process
Open Item List (OIL)
Aircraft Certificates Review
Airworthiness Directives (AD)
Service Bulletins (SB)
Aircraft Statements Reports
Mods & STC's Review
Aircraft Status Reports
Maint. Records Review
Component Review

Recording your Audit
Engine audit
AD/SB Review
Life Limit Parts (LLP)
Incident Clearence Statement
Engine Component Review
Landing Gear review
Back to Birth (BTB)
APU Review
Borescope Reports
Shop Visits
Lease Return Conditions

Dent & Buckle Review
Damage Assesment
Repair File Review
Damage Examples
Repair Documentation
Damage Categories
Repair Certification
Physical Inspection
Using the SRM
Structures Checklists
Using a D&B template
Tap Test Overview

Value of Technical Data
Technical Specs
Mid-Lease Audit - Physical
Mid-Lease Audit - Records
Audit Checklists
Modifications familiarity
Maintenance Reserve Funds
Claims Process
Factors in a Repossession
Repossession Planning
Records at Repossession


Records Transition Checklist
OIL Template
Abbreviations List
Certificate Samples
AD & SB Practical Examples

OIL Template
New List Item
Abbreviations List
Transition Checklist: Engine/LDG/APU

Physical Survey Guide
Dent & Buckle template
Structures OIL
Structures Checklist
Abbreviations List

Mid-Lease Audit Template: Tech Specs / Records / Physical / Key Personnel
Abbreviations List


Multiple Choice

Multiple Choice

Multiple Choice

Multiple Choice

All Programme and Courses come with
Complimentary Toolkit to assist with the “How To”
  • Plans for the
    Records Process
  • Open Item List Spreadsheets
  • Review

These are downloadable attachments for the module for you to reference and use. They
include a Plan for the Records Process, Open Item List Spreadsheet to record findings
along with a Checklist to ensure that you complete all aspects that are required to review.


Our aim is to set a global  standard for the Technical and Records sector of Aviation Leasing. Your certificate will become your “license” to operate within this growing marketplace.


Register now for the entire programme
and boost your career opportunities in Aviation Leasing as a Technical Expert performing physical and records at        Mid-Lease and End-of-Lease Transitions.


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