Risk and Safety Management

The course has six elements with a continual assessment throughout the course. The elements are designed to introduce you to Risk and Safety Management while giving you examples and practical use throughout.

We break down what is a complex area into bite sized pieces of leaning which are aimed to leave you with a comprehensive understanding and the ability to understand, implement, identify, manage, mitigate and react to risk in your environment through the material we cover.

Price: 120.00 excl. VAT


Here you can see “how to” understand, create, assess, value and use risk in ordered to create or use a safety management system (SMS)

The area of Safety Management Systems (SMS) and risk management is required for legislation purposes now but can afford us the toolkit to create not only a safer operating environment, but also a more reliable and cost effective one.



Safety Management Systems (SMS) are an integral part of so much in aviation, from CAMO through to Maintenance and Operations. A SMS is designed to manage “Risk” within our environment and as such we need an understanding of what “Risk” actually is, then coupled to this we need to know how to identify and of course manage this risk also.

We will consider what risk is, how to identify it and also then how we go about appending a value to the risk’s identified based on factors such as probability and impact. Learn how to then use the value to manage, mitigate and maintain control through the use of an SMS.


This module will cover aspects
including, but not limited to:

  • Risk Evaluation
  • Risk Considerations & Monitoring
  • Risk Process Definition & Exploration
    • Definitions
    • Identification Models
    • Putting Analysis to work
  • Risk Qualification & Assessment
    • Assessing risk numerically
    • Risk Evaluation Matrix
    • Calculating Risk value
  • Risk Mitigation
    • Alert Levels
  • Safety Management System (SMS)
    • SMS Overview
    • SMS Functions
    • Example SMS System – Bowtie SMS Overview
All Programme and Courses come with
Complimentary Toolkit to assist with the “How To”
  • Risk and Safety
    Management Awareness
  • Risk Evaluation
    Example Matrix

There are downloadable attachments for the module for you to reference and use which include a list of example risks you may wish to consider along with a Risk Evaluation Matrix, which can be used to quantify risk as a numerical value allowing management and or mitigation of the risk based on the value.


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