Structures and Sheetmetal

The structure of an aircraft is vast and complex and Sheetmetal/Structure repairs can add significant ground time to a maintenance check, this course will help you minimise the risk of delays and rework by demonstrating what to look for and ensuring the paperwork is correct.

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The module deals with the structural review of both the physical aircraft and the review of the repair file and associated paperwork.

This can appear a complex and daunting task especially regarding physical reviews of aircraft and the implications of manuals associated with the findings. We take you through the review, through the paperwork and explain how to deal with findings, queries and what to look for on the aircraft.



We consider one of the more complex areas of an aircraft transition where we will break down the review into two sections – the physical review of the aircraft and the paperwork review of the structural repair file. With practical and real examples, you get a chance to review damage, examine the documentation you require and considerations when looking at existing damage on an aircraft.

The provided checklist assists you through the different documents required for typical repairs and follow a flow chart to successfully review documentation and repairs.

The course will leave you with a good understanding of one of the most complex areas of the aircraft at lease transition.


This module will cover aspects
including, but not limited to:

  • Aircraft Repair File Review
  • Aircraft Structural Evaluation Practical Example
  • Aircraft Repair Documentation
  • Dent & Buckle
  • Repair Classification & Certification
  • Damage Categories & Examples
  • Aircraft Physical Survey
All Programme and Courses come with
Complimentary Toolkit to assist with the “How To”
  • Plans for the
    Records Process
  • Open Item List Spreadsheets
  • Review

These are downloadable attachments for the module for you to reference and use which include a plan for the Records Process, Open Item List Spreadsheet to record findings along with a Checklist to ensure that you complete all aspects that are required to review.


Our aim is to set a global  standard for the Technical and Records sector of Aviation Leasing. Your certificate will become your “license” to operate within this growing marketplace.


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job role or requirements

To further assist your reviews of the aircraft and if you have not already completed them, the Technical Records course and the
Engines & Landing Gear Records
course provide a detailed overview of the entire review process.


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