Lease Transition
Awareness Course

Leasing Leadership: Complete Your Expertise with IALTA’s Lease Transition Awareness Course

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Advance to the pinnacle of aircraft leasing with IALTA’s Lease Transition Awareness Course, the definitive module in our Four-Course Technical Lease Training Programme. This course meticulously covers Mid-Lease Inspections, Maintenance Reserve Funds, and Aircraft Repossession, providing a comprehensive view of the lease transition process.

Key Learning Areas:

  • Mid-Lease Inspections: Dive deep into asset evaluations, bolstering their market potential with our structured Maintenance.
  • Reserve Funds: Decode the intricacies of MRFs, their critical role in leasing agreements, and their broader implications.
  • Aircraft Repossession: Master the detailed process of repossession, from identifying triggers to handling technical and regulatory requirements.


Ideal For:

This course is designed for aviation professionals aiming to enhance their understanding of aircraft leasing, including Engineers, Leasing Consultants, Technical Records Consultants, MRO Staff, and others looking to deepen their industry knowledge.

Why Choose This Course?

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Gain a thorough understanding of the technical and financial dimensions of lease transitions.
  • Practical Application: Arm yourself with practical tools and guidelines for immediate use in your professional role.
  • Strategic Advantage: Acquire a holistic perspective that merges financial insight with technical know-how, setting you apart in the leasing field.


Finalize Your Leasing Education & Self Development

The Position yourself as a key player in the aircraft leasing industry with the insights and competencies developed through IALTA’s Lease Transition Awareness Course. This final module not only enhances your knowledge base but also propels you into leadership roles within the industry.


Advance Your Career

Join the ranks of the leasing industry’s most knowledgeable professionals.
Enrol in IALTA’s Lease Transition Awareness Course today and
mark the culmination of your professional development in aircraft leasing.


This course will cover aspects
including, but not limited to:

  • Mid-Lease Inspection Checklists
  • Modifications Checklist for a Pre-redelivery (PRR)
  • Introduction to Maintenance Reserve Funds (MRF)
  • Qualification items for Supplemental Rent Claims
  • Claims Checklist
  • Repossession Triggers
  • Risk Monitoring
  • Planning for a Repossession event
  • Technical Records at a Repossession
  • CAMO at Repossession
All Programme and Courses come with
Complimentary Toolkit to assist with the “How To”
  • Plans for the
    Records Process
  • Open Item List Spreadsheets
  • Review

These are downloadable attachments for the module for you to reference and use which include a plan for the Records Process, Open Item List Spreadsheet to record findings along with a Checklist to ensure that you complete all aspects that are required to review.


Our aim is to set a global  standard for the Technical and Records sector of Aviation Leasing. Your certificate will become your “license” to operate within this growing marketplace.


The Next Course we would
recommend depends on your
job role or requirements

The three modules on the Lease Transition Awareness Program are complimented by the Technical Records Course as they explore in depth how to transition the aircraft off lease. If you need the learn more on the airframe side of transitions, then the Structures and Sheetmetal will allow you to analyse Repair Files and the Dent & Buckle Charts


Register now for the entire programme
and boost your career opportunities in Aviation Leasing as a Technical Expert performing physical and records at        Mid-Lease and End-of-Lease Transitions.


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