Please don’t hesitate to contact us on and arrange a call with one of our team. We will be happy to discuss which course is best suited for your needs.

Absolutely! IALTA courses are structured in a way to give you a level of understanding even if you are just starting our in your aviation leasing career. In fact we think that the lessons you will learn will accelerate your growth and give you a head start.

Most definitely. Increasingly employees are requiring more training. Companies who invest more in their employee training see an increase in productivity and employee retention. We can cater for all size of training from intensive on site training days to volume company level access to our courses and for all size of business. Please contact and we will be happy to assist.

Yes we can. Everybody knows that graduates are the future to any industry. However in order to maximise their potential time investments can be draining. IALTA can provide and manage a customised training programme with milestones and deliverable so you can get all your graduates to a base level quickly.

Yes as IALTA covers areas outside of your area of expertise. We also give you a solid foundation in the fundamentals of the finance side of aviation leasing and how to look at things from the lessor perspective.

Yes. Please contact and we will be happy to discuss further. All of our trainers have held senior positions in the aviation. We can also offer bespoke courses based on your training and organisational needs.

All of the IALTA learning is called our programme.

The programme is split into modules.

These modules are then further subdivided in manageable bite sized elements.

We believe in learning by example and beyond the book so along with the course materials there are helpful downloadable checklists and templates which will assist you in the real world.

Some elements and modules are longer than others and everyone learns at their own pace so the below is only a guideline.

For someone with a strong foundation in aviation we the average time to complete an element is 40-50 minutes. The entire programme would take them over 35 hours, longer if they take the time to work through the provided examples.

The certificate you receive on completion of a module will be unique to you. This can be verified by your current or future employer by providing them a code that can be checked on our website to verify the authenticity of your certificate.

Please fell free to contact us on and we would be happy to discuss with you over email or phone your suitability or try our free course which can be found in the courses section of our website.

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