Aircraft Paint Awareness Training Course

The course has three elements with a continual assessment throughout the course. There are examples throughout, and we will consider contractual considerations; often these can impact price as much of any paint input is fixed price.

We will look at the different types of defect that can arise during painting with visual representation to aid so that you can see what to look for and also gather an awareness of the possible causes.

Price: 120.00 excl. VAT


Here you can see “how to” ensure that your input is prepared and review the continual assessment throughout

When an aircraft paint input is requested, it might be for many reasons – lease return, new operator livery, tired old scheme etc. The aircraft is one element of the paint; and the largest, but of course we need to ensure that we have certain other considerations in place. The paint input will require some maintenance requirements, it will require work instructions, livery and technical drawings, materials to be prepared and multiple other considerations to work.



An aircraft paint input is an occurrence at multiple times during an aircraft’s life cycle. The paint itself provides a lot of protection for the aircraft as well as displaying vital marking’s, company insignia and maintains a visual impression.

Paint inputs themselves can be complex if you have not dealt with them before due to the different requirements of certain aircraft requiring maintenance procedures after paint (for example on flight control surfaces).

The course is aimed to provide an overview of the process, from induction, through the multiple paint stages and then onto inspection prior to aircraft completion and return to service.


This course will cover aspects
including, but not limited to:

  • Contract Considerations & Awareness
  • Aircraft induction into facility
  • Aircraft Paint Process
  • Aircraft Inspections
  • Project Completion Considerations
All Programme and Courses come with a
Complimentary Toolkit to assist with the “How To”
  • Aircraft Paint
    Input Inspection Checklist
  • Paint Input
    Process Flow
  • Paint Facility
    Pre-Input Checklist

There are downloadable attachments for the module for you to reference and use which include a what to check is in place prior to any input and what to look for after the paint input has been completed to ensure a good finish and standard is displayed.


Our aim is to set a global  standard for the Technical and Records sector of Aviation Leasing. Your certificate will become your “license” to operate within this growing marketplace.


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and boost your career opportunities in Aviation Leasing as a Technical Expert performing physical and records at        Mid-Lease and End-of-Lease Transitions.


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