Mid-Lease Inspection –Technical Records Audit

The configuration of the aircraft can change significantly depending on the operation. For example, you might have a full freighter or a full-passenger aircraft.

It means as part of the mid-lease inspection that we must collect some general documents that relate to specific configurations regarding the fleet we operate.

Layout of Passenger Arrangement or LOPA

Cabin emergency equipment layout (EEL)

Cockpit emergency equipment list

Loose equipment list that includes the galley equipment, carts, and inserts (LIL –Loose Item List)

Passenger seat serial number list

Life vest status and location record,

not applicable if already provided in HT(Hard Time) component listing–it might be located in 2 or more locations.

Compass swing report–used to validate the standby compass and is mandated to carry on board.

Cabin material flammability certificates–this is a common issue, burn certs, and samples.

Manufacturer Delivery Documentation

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