Mid Lease Inspection – Landing Gear Documentation & Records

During the review of the mid-lease inspection, there is a focus on the landing gear. These are a high-cost part of the aircraft and the impact of an overhaul is both a large consideration regarding the time frame and cost.

The landing gear cannot be overhauled “on wing” which means it must be removed to overhaul each landing gear and often it must be sent off-site to a specialist facility. The facility will then replace and overhaul the gear as required, the time frame for this can be several weeks and often we do not wait for the landing gear to be returned. Another replacement gear is commonly installed in this case to reduce the time on the ground for an aircraft.

The landing gear is used on the ground and during take-off and landing it gathers “cycles” which is a take-offand a landing. The different parts of the landing gear might require maintenance based on the amount of cycles they are exposed to and also commonly life might be monitored in calendar days.

We can consider factors such as the landing gear’s total utilisationand using the aircraft utilisation make an estimate as to if the landing gear will require a shop visit for overhaul before lease return for example, additionally we wouldcalculate calendar days remaining.

An important part of the gear review will include: Landing gear removal and installation history–we need to determine the history and service that the landing gear has been exposed to.The maintenance history/overhaul & repair work packs also should be reviewed and we can note if any limitations and or re work/field repairs have been accomplished. (A field repair is typically at a location away from the overhaul shop).

Due to the value and time impacts we need to establish and confirm the life-limited parts listing for a landing gear and trace the parts back to birth.

A review of the AD / SB compliancestatus is also sought and a comparison is made to ensure that the landing gear is compliant as required to the standards.

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