Life Limited Parts (LLP)

When considering Life Limited Parts (LLP), which can also be called Safe Life Items (SLI) it is important for any lease review to be especially aware of the different considerations involved.

To determine if the component meets the required lease agreements, we refer to the return off lease conditions, where it will detail the remaining life requirements for a component.

We then need to know the current status of the LLP items on a component; how many Flight Hours/Cycles or how many calendar days they have been installed.​

Then you need to determine the amount of Flight Hours/Cycles and how many calendar days before another overhaul is required.​

Determine the LLP (Life Limited Part) limitation for each LLP item and then consider what is the limiting factor. This is the lowest limit LLP or reason that a component requires Overhaul or Replacement.​

Compare the lowest life LLP or limiting factor to the lease to determine if the lease return conditions are met.​

Caution needs to be paid for some additional consideration such as engine operating thrust settings where different thrust operations can determine different impacts for remaining life (typically higher thrust settings mean a part lasts less time/cycles)

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