Aircraft Reliability & Aircraft Maintenance Program (AMP)

It is important to understand how a reliability program can affect an aircraft’s maintenance plan. When we think about trend analysis and aircraft reliability; we actually cover a complex and vast array of metrics, data gathering, and decisions based on this.

Factors considered would include Engine/APU trend data, Aircraft defect rates, component defect & failure rates, Aircraft technical delay/diversion rates and many more different considerations.

The analysis of reliability information can be used not only for reliability purposes regarding systems and components themselves, but is used to also increase reliability of the aircraft itself.

Trends and analysis may indicate issues or concern associated with service providers or external entities, as well as the individual components – it is not always a case where we require action on the aircraft’s maintenance plan to address the root cause.

Aircraft capabilities such as ETOPS (Extended Twin Operations) is another reliability consideration based on the operating fleet and scope of operation.

Special attention regarding capabilities such as if you operate ETOPS aircraft would be considered, where you might collate findings that have, or can influence ETOPS capability.

The analysis and information gathered in turn then should also be analysed, reviewed and then where appropriate actions can be considered against their impact; actions can include changing the maintenance program or thresholds for example.

It is an important awareness that an AMP is specific for an aircraft and while it has many influences, reliability programs can see thresholds or intervals changed along with tasks added.

During a typical lease transition, the aircraft AMP may well change to reflect another maintenance plan with different thresholds and intervals such as those driven by the MPD (Maintenance Planning Document); the movement from one AMP to another AMP is typically referred to s a “Bridging Check.”

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