Aircraft Maintenance Plan – Regulation and Lease Return

The creation and management of an Aircraft Maintenance Program (AMP) is a complex but essential aspect of aircraft operation. It’s not just about ensuring safety, it’s about optimizing the aircraft’s life cycle, managing costs, and complying with international and national aviation regulations.

The AMP is a living document, constantly evolving throughout the aircraft’s operational life. It’s created from a variety of sources, including the manufacturer’s Maintenance Planning Data (MPD), component manuals, and considerations like the aircraft’s operating environment and modifications or repairs.

Understanding the AMP is crucial for anyone involved in aircraft maintenance or continued airworthiness management and it’s about understanding the underlying principles, regulatory framework, and impact of factors like reliability and modifications.

There are some key areas in planning aircraft maintenance, the AMP which gives tasks and limits, then there is maintenance planning – what we do and when.

This course offers a comprehensive guide to AMP creation, review, and management. It covers everything from the regulatory requirements and the role of the Maintenance Review Board to the intricacies of Airbus and Boeing source documents and the importance of reliability programs.

When aircraft leasing becomes a consideration then the AMP is the topic where regulation compliance meets legal requirements in a lease. The AMP is required for regulation compliance, and the tasks and their dates or aircraft cycles and hours when they are completed might not meet the lease requirements. A maintenance plan essentially details tasks to be undertaken and then when they are required.

Different maintenance plans that might use block or phased maintenance where tasks are carried out in large “blocks” vs equalised maintenance where tasks are carried more constantly over a longer time frame. The main consideration really then becomes the legal lease requirements for remaining time before the tasks are due Vs the AMP and maintenance planning by the airline.

Whether you’re new to the field or looking to refresh your knowledge, this course will equip you with the practical skills and theoretical understanding needed to navigate the complexities of AMP creation and management. It’s an investment in your professional development and a valuable asset for any organization involved in aircraft maintenance.

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