Aircraft Leasing – Awareness of maintenance plans.

Within aircraft leasing, the importance of having a good awareness of maintenance plans is a paramount concern. The AMP or aircraft maintenance program is a list of tasks and requirements of what must be done to the aircraft and when. It is derived of many sources which all detail intervals or thresholds for these tasks, an example of the sources for the maintenance program includes the maintenance planning data which is from the aircraft manufacturer along with many others such as airworthiness directives and also service bulletins and repairs carried out or modifications also.

The AMP is a specific document for the operating CAMO of the aircraft, factors such as reliability for the aircraft or the fleet and awareness of issues common to the aircraft type must be considered and implemented as required; additionally National Aviation Authority (NAA) regulations might apply and must be demonstrated.

The thresholds applied for AMP tasks may also differ dependent upon the aircraft’s environment along with other factors of consideration, so you could legitimately see different intervals on the same aircraft type in different AMP’s.

This is an important consideration, as while an aircraft must meet compliance to maintain airworthiness, lowering thresholds or introducing additional tasks into an AMP that are not considered mandatory to be included means that when aircraft performs a lease transition, we commonly need to make sure all the different thresholds or tasks are either completed or reset back to a “standard” (example MPD intervals).

A similar concept might apply where an aircraft is annexed to another CAMO or sub leased regarding tasks and thresholds where the transition of tasks and thresholds being altered is often called a “bridging check” as we effectively bridge the aircraft from one AMP to another.

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