Aircraft Lease Transition – Engine Shop Visit’s

An engine shop visit (SV) is typically when an engine is sent to an overhaul shop for a form of
maintenance which can be scheduled or non-scheduled depending on the situation. In some cases
repairs or works can occur on wing or at a local facility such as borescope blending of blades or top
case repairs when internal access to the engine can be achieved locally.

During a shop visit there will be a scope of work carried out and the engine is usually sent to the
shop for a specific purpose such as:

  • LLP (life limited part) thresholds being reached
  • The engine may have worn beyond limits (borescope inspection finding)
  • The engine suffered damage (i.e., bird strike/debris ingestion).
  • The engine operates out of limits (such as internal oil leakage or fumes in the cabin)

During a routine shop visit the engine is typically overhauled with regard to components & parts
close to life limits or worn replaced/repaired as required.

Repairs can be accomplished during the shop visits in some cases and Airworthiness Directives, or
Service Bulletins (AD/SB’s) may be incorporated.

When considering an engine SV it is important to know the scope of the visit as you will consider the
documentation for this purpose and also ensure compliance across the documents for the engine.
We would then consider the work pack resulting from the visit and we will look at this in the next

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