Aircraft Lease Transition – Aircraft De Registration

Aircraft Lease Transition – Aircraft De Registration

Often as a consultant representing a Lessor there will be occasions whereby the aircraft will have to be moved as part of an early lease termination. In such circumstances it is extremely important that you stay fully engaged with the lessor and be clear with all instructions relating to the de-registration and export process.

Note each aircraft registry has its own regulation requirements on how de-registration is carried out, often the lessor may need to take local law advice.

De-registration can be affected by the owner in some jurisdictions while in other jurisdictions only by the operator. If operator only, check legal effect of de-registration as power of attorney – may not be recognised.

The export may require:

* Export licence

* Customs clearance

It is worth noting that unpaid customs duties can present practical problems such as visas for you as a technical representative, ferry flight crews or maintenance engineers to make aircraft airworthy.

Cape Town provisions can assist (Article IX of Aircraft Protocol) but an IDERA, “Irrevocable De-Registration and Export Request Authorisation” must be recorded.

As part of placing an Aircraft on a Countries register, applications must be made to the National Authority, and the following modifications must be accomplished:

* Registration Markings (including Steel/Fireproof Plate commonly) applied in line with the countries National Requirements.

* Mode ‘S’ Code Change

* ELT Code Change (per the coding convention used by that country)

ICAO Annex 7 details the international standard for the application of Registration Markings.

National requirements are based upon the ICAO requirement but do differ between countries.

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