Aircraft Lease Review – Aircraft Certificates –

Aircraft Lease Review – Aircraft Certificates –

Very often the early part of a technical records review will focus on the high-cost items of Engines and Landing Gear followed by AD reviews, Last Done Next Due, Components, Structures, Mods and STC’s reviews but it is important to check and verify the Aircraft Certificates.

To operate the aircraft, it must be in an airworthy condition and to demonstrate this airworthiness the airline must have the appropriate certification to fly.

Listed below are a selection of “Aircraft Certificates” that you would typically be expected to ask for and review for compliance on a lease transition or hand back. (The Lettering ACE is the example used in our illustration)

ACE001 – Certificate of Aircraft Registration

ACE002 – Certificate of Aircraft De-Registration

ACE003 – Type Certificate Data Sheet for Aircraft and Engine

ACE004 – Certificate of Airworthiness

ACE005 – Certificate of Airworthiness for Export

ACE006 – Airworthiness Review Certificate

ACE007 – Certificate of Insurance (required for any ferry flight)

ACE008 – Noise Certificate (EASA) / equivalent if not applicable

ACE009 – Certificate of Sanitary Construction (if applicable)

ACE010 – Radio License – if changing AOC ensure applied for

ACE011 – Burns Certificates

ACE012 – Aircraft Operators Certificate

ACE013 – ATC & ELT Status


ACE015 – Mode S Transponder Address Code

ACE016 – Final Inspection Report

ACE017 – Certificate of Conformance

ACE018 – Production Flight Certificate

The requirements for EASA aircraft are set out in EASA Air Operations Regulation (Commission Regulation (EU) No. 965/2012) under Annex VII (Part-NCO) or Annex VIII and they cover a list of required certificates to be held on board.

For FAA registered aircraft the FAA use the ARROW acronym.

Airworthiness Certificate FAR 91.203

Registration Certificate FAR 91.203

Radio Station License (international flights only)

Operating Handbook FAR 91.9

Weight and Balance FAR 23.1589

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