Turbine Engine Delivery & Documentation

When a typical aircraft turbine engine is delivered initially the engine will have certain documentation associated with it.

For a delivered engine, we should ensure that these are present and correct for our engine; as such we will be looking to ensure that the following are present:​

–         Engine Component Listing – Items installed at build including QEC (Quick Engine Change) Components (also known as an EDS (Engine Data Submittal) or engine build list)​

–         Life Limited Parts (LLP) details fitted at Manufacture if separate from the above report.​

–         ​Date the engine was dispatched from manufacture​.

–         ​Thrust rating when dispatched​.

–         Performance and or test cell data from build.​

–         Engine AD (Airworthiness Directives) Status at build​.

–         Engine SB (Service Bulletin) status at build​.

–         Engine Release Certificate​.

The documentation will be updated as time goes by, and the engine is maintained in shop visits or local repairs such as top case repairs.

Thrust ratings can change during lease and this is particularly important when calculating remaining life on parts.

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