Structural Repair Certification – Aircraft Lease Reviews

Structural Repair Certification – Aircraft Lease Reviews

When a repair is applied to an aircraft it is the result of a lot of analysis and complex comprehensive evaluation of its impact on the airworthiness of that aircraft.

Many repairs will be carried out with the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) documentation such as the SRM (Structural Repair Manual) as seen in some examples using data from Airbus and Boeing.

When damage occurs that is beyond the scope of the SRM this is where we need to be more careful in the approval evaluation.

There is a regulatory requirement to be aware of that in order to create a repair for an aircraft an appropriate approval must be held by that organisation creating the repair; this is an important part of the review.

A non SRM repair may come from many different sources including the OEM such as Airbus or Boeing as well other examples including an airline department issuing instruction; MRO issuing instruction during maintenance; 3rd Party External Company.

There may also be NAA (National Aviation Authority) rulings such as any repair designs need to be approved by the TC (Type Certificate) holder to consider also during your review.

Additional considerations then may be required if the repair would be part of a modification such as an STC (Supplemental Type Certificate) in which case we would require to see all the STC documentation and ensure relevant authorizations of the issuing company.

Reviewing and dealing with repair files can be one of the more complex areas of a lease review, why not follow us to learn more and check out our structural awareness course