Starting the Technical Records Review

We get asked a lot in relation to this topic, “where do I start the review process ?” and we acknowledge that it can be challenging even for the more experienced consultant or technical manager. At IALTA we believe that during a lease transition that all parties need to be stakeholders in the process, the redelivery airline, the lessor, the delivery airline, the technical service provider, the consultant, the MRO, etc.

In order to find the ideal starting point for the Technical Records review you first need to be in receipt of the STATUS and STATEMENT LISTS from the redelivery airline. The airline’s CAMO or Quality department will supply this and it will be signed and dated. The lists will be sent in PDF but please request them in excel as well, most of the aviation maintenance management systems can produce it in excel format and it saves you having to convert.

Next step would be to set up all relevant stakeholders with a “shared drive” location in order to control the Open Item List (OIL) findings from the technical records review.

After this you need to be aware of the lease return conditions and delivery condition requirements and next week we will cover some typical examples of this.

The IALTA training covers all the aspects of a Technical Records review and more. The learning material is yours to keep and reference during a review, check out the courses page to see what we offer.

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