Repair Evaluation – Revision Data

When an aircraft is damaged; this damage is evaluated and will either need a repair or could remain “as is” when assessed IAW (in accordance with) the SRM (structural Repair Manual).

We will consider SRM (structural Repair Manual) repairable damage for this example.

While many factors are very important, one piece of information is pivotal in your evaluation. This is the “Revision Status” of the documentation used.

The revision status on documentation for a repair carried out 5 years ago would be different to that the repair that we would carry out today.

This is important because what was compliant then may not be now; the latest revision of the SRM may show the repair from 5 years ago does not meet the current SRM version’s requirements.
However, the repair carried out 5 years ago is compliant as it was done to the required standard at the time and assigned an ICA (Instructions for Continued Airworthiness) accordingly.

Always take note of the revision status and check the repair against the correct revision status of the SRM and not the latest revision in all cases when reviewing.

Remember for SRM repairs / damage assessment you should be looking for the following:

All SRM references used for the works carried out noting a date and revision – it is usually possible to determine revision status from date although best practice should record the revision status and often a copy of the SRM itself might be included in the repair file.

The damage details including dimensions and location.
The assessment of the damage stating that it is in or out of limits defined in the SRM.

For a repair that is carried out you should be able to review all the materials used along with the batch number for the materials and ensure that where required you can evidence NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) has been carried out.

If there are any additional inspections called up due to the damage or repair, then the ICA (Instructions for Continued Airworthiness) need to be recorded.

Where there are ICA’s for any given repair or damage then you need to evidence that the requirements for the ICA have been carried out both initially and recurrently.

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