Navigation Awareness – PBN, RNP & RNAV

PBN or Performance Based Navigation defines the navigation system performance requirements.

Common requirements are intended to ensure that there is worldwide commonality.

Area Navigation known as RNAV is a system which allows an aircraft to navigate in a way other than an airway; instead, we can fly a flight path. RNAV will use systems such as GPS, DME or inertial navigation systems as examples.

RNP or Required Navigation Performance is an example of such a specification which is itself a type of PBN.

RNP allows the crew to fly with a great degree of accuracy along a specific flight path – for this reason it is vital to know the aircraft exact location. RNP performance will be required for certain airspace and additionally it will require a level of accuracy regarding aircraft location.

For example, an RNP of 0.5 would mean that you can calculate your position to within 0.5 nautical miles.

You can see on the picture the impact of such standards and consider their importance.

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