Maintenance & Carry Forwards

During operation of an aircraft there are times when the short-term maintenance changes due to factors such as damage for example. If we think about an aircraft fuselage getting damaged in a turnaround at an airport, the aircraft might be allowed to continue in service for a number of cycles before the repair has to be completed; while this allows operation to continue, this is a maintenance action which we would not accept at a lease transition.

Maintenance that is deferred & carried over are of concern and must be considered during a review.

Another consideration is that of a deviation or permitted variation to the maintenance programme. We would need to be aware that while this is acceptable under the operating requirements for the aircraft, it might not meet lease return conditions.

Additionally, we need all aircraft components to be serviceable – this means that repeat defects or “on watch” components we need to pay close attention to.

During a lease transition, typically, the aircraft shall have no open, deferred maintenance items, carryovers, watch items or discrepancies under the Maintenance Programme, Airframe Manufacturer’s, Engine Manufacturer’s or the relevant manufacturer’s maintenance manuals and have no Aircraft systems or Parts which are not Serviceable or are in inoperative condition.

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