Location of Passenger Accommodations – LOPA

The aircraft LOPA is a specification drawing of the interior design and layout of the cabin interior.

The LOPA will display the locations of the flight deck, attendant and passenger seats, lavatories, galleys, emergency equipment, windbreakers, and other monuments. The Emergency Equipment Listing (EEL) is included as part of the LOPA and lists the part
numbers of all emergency equipment.

If an airline wants to change the interior configuration of the cabin in a major way, they must do so through a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC).

The STC will generally cover the following changes:
·       Seating Layout (LOPA)
·       PSU Layout
·       Emergency Equipment Layout
·       Floor path marking system installation
·       Carpet installation
·       Curtin installations
·       Monument installation and removal

For example, the cabin may be reconfigured from a 30C, 150Y to a 180Y configuration.But what does this mean?
The number preceding the ‘C’ or ‘Y’ code refers to the number of seats. The code refers to the IATA booking code. The most common codes are listed in the following table;

*Booking Code F – full-fare First class,] on airlines that have first-class distinct from business
*Booking Code C – full-fare Business class
*Booking Code J – full-fare Premium economy
*Booking Code Y – full-fare Economy class

Other manuals that will be needed to be checked at End of Lease (EOL) review to determine the “Layout” would include PSU (Passenger Service Units) Mapping, Life Vest Mapping, Galley Drawings, Safety Equipment LLP (Life Limited Parts) configuration, Avionic LRU (Line Replaceable Units) details, Loose Item List, and ELA (Electrical Load Analysis)

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