Life Limited Part Condition

Consider a Landing Gear which during a shop visit when a LLP (Life Limited Part) is replaced, the ongoing part can be one of two conditions:

New – The item has not yet been used.

Part-Life – The item is not new and has been used before; but will have some remaining life.

The Airworthiness Release Certificate for the part will note the condition of the part ongoing – when this condition is New or Manufactured then we know that this is the “Birth” of the part.

For a Part Life item, we need to establish the remaining life and we can do this depending on its source such as an LLP from another landing gear assembly we could look for the Landing Gear Brochure or equivalent noting the LLP item and its life so we can trace it through removal; we can look for an acceptable release certificate (such as EASA Form 1 or FAA 8130) as a reference to its “birth” trace.

The Part Life item would also need, along with several other documents, a statement from any other operator(s) noting the Time and Cycles in operation and on what assembly part number/serial number.

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