Landing Gear Reviews – Lease Returns – Lease Delivery

When reviewing the Technical Records associated with a Landing Gear on a Lease Return it is common for a consultant to treat THE LANDING GEAR itself as a Hard Time Component (HT) and THE PARTS that make up the Landing gear in many cases are the Life Limited Parts (LLPs).

The maintenance requirements include overhauls in which the landing gear must be removed from the aircraft and sent to shop for them to be overhauled. This process alone is very expensive and time consuming.

The cost of a landing gear itself as a component is vast and so a review of the complete landing gear records is of paramount importance and depending on the age of an aircraft and the duration of a lease the landing gear may or may not be the original installed. You should have the certification for the landing gear installed; a EASA Form 1 and / or an FAA 8130-3.

Listed below is some guidance material to look for when performing a Landing Gear review;
Landing Gear Hours and Cycles Certified Statement
Certified list of AD’s and method of compliance
Dirty Finger Print (DFP) folder for all applied AD’s embodied
Certified list of SB’s and method of compliance
DFP folder for all applied SB’s embodied
Landing Gear MOD/STC Review
DFP folder for all applied STC/MOD’s
Landing Gear safe life item (SLI) known as LLP (life limited part) Listing.
LLP (life limited part) Review
Delivery Documentation
Landing Gear Shop Visit (SV) Report
NIAS Non-Incident or Accident Report
On-Condition Condition Monitoring (OCCM) and Airworthiness
Deviation Status from OEM (Concessions)
Landing Gear Service Letters & associated DFP file
Certified Log Card or equivalent
Delivery report stating AD/SB status
Assembly Tree for Each Gear
Last Shop Report from Overhaul
Field Repair Rework Details

You will require a certified statement of the Landing Gear Hours and Cycles on company paper; signed and dated by a member of the CAMO or Quality Department.

Important factor is that this certificate must reflect the hours and cycles AFTER any demonstration flight or ferry flight’s if they are required.

The statement may be covered under the airframe hours and cycles statement or be a separate document for you to consider. Either is acceptable and you must verify the PN and SN are applicable to your aircraft.

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