Engine Shop Visit

An engine shop visit (SV) is typically when an engine is sent to an overhaul shop for a form of maintenance.

During a shop visit there will be a scope of work carried out, the engine is usually sent to the shop for different reasons including reasons such as LLP (life limited part) thresholds being reached, or the engine may have worn beyond limits (borescope inspection finding) or have suffered damage (i.e., bird strike).

During a routine shop visit the engine is typically overhauled with regard to components & parts close to life limits or worn replaced / repaired as required. Repairs can be accomplished during the shop visits also dependant on the damage and AD/SB’s can be incorporated often also.

When considering a SV it is important to know the scope of the visit.
After the work is completed, we will have a work pack that is a detail for all the work carried out and also the engine current status which might include such documents as the following:

–         Engine Release Certificate.

–         Preservation Details – the engine may not be installed straight onto an aircraft and so be preserved for a time period.

–         Test Cell results if applicable.

–         Borescope Report.

–         LLP Status including Back to Birth for any replaced parts if applicable for the visit & serviceable idents as required.

–         AD/SB/Modification Status.

–         MPD Certified Maintenance Task Card’s.

–         Statement for No PMA parts used and No DER (non-OEM) repairs as applicable.

–         Blade Mapping.

–         Also, many more documents noting LRU (Line Replaceable Unit) status and Certification for replaced / new / overhauled installed parts etc.

The documentation from a shop visit is an integral part of any lease review and important as the engine is a high-cost asset.

An engine may also be repaired locally (on site) – an example of this might be a “top case repair” when the top case of the engine is removed to replace blades and this is commonly known as a “Field Repair”.

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