EEL – Emergency Equipment List

The emergency equipment list or EEL is an important document onboard an aircraft during service, but also very important during a lease transition or review.

The EEL will typically contain a graphical location of emergency equipment on board the aircraft along with a description and part number associated with each item accordingly. The part numbers may be on a separate sheet associated with the pictorial representation.

The list is important for several reasons as we will need to check that the EEL items are on board and expiry dates meet the current lease return conditions.

There is an additional consideration that makes the list very important and that is the requirements to maintain airworthiness for the items. This information will commonly be in the CMM (Component Maintenance Manual) for the associated part number.

Therefor we need the EEL to determine the part numbers of the installed equipment so we can then ensure that the CMM ICA (Instructions for Continued Airworthiness) are met.

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