Damage Record Document

What information would you expect to find in an aircraft damage record document – The document can go by several different names, although is commonly called the “Dent & Buckle” document.

It should be present on the aircraft, and this is always the most up to date and current version. The document will record damage to the aircraft along with details about this damage and how it has been assessed or dealt with.

Typically, you would expect to find a graphic associated with this that visually locates the damage on a map of the aircraft.

When you review the document, you would expect to find the following information within:

-Each item of damage is numbered, and the number should link to a location pictorially of the damage on a “damage map” or “chart”​.​

-A description of the damage including the location; care is taken here to consider correct details such as component details. To illustrate; damage on an engine may not remain with the aircraft all the time if the engine is changed, so the engine serial number is important for blade damage.

-The status of the repair / damage should be noted; typically, the repair category or any life imposed on such repair if category is pending.

-A works order or TLP (Techlog Page) will allow us to view the evaluation and certification the repair. This link to the works order allows us to trace back to all the details along with the issue date of the finding, ATA chapter​ and revision of manual used where applicable.

-The aircraft FC (Flight Cycles) and FH (Flight Hours) along with the date when the repair/assessment was carried out.​

-As with any assessment or evaluation we would expect to see references that were used to evaluate.

-The damage type/nature should be noted, such as a dent or burn mark – if known, then also how it occurred such as impact or lightning strike might be noted although not required.

-The Dimension will let us know the measurements of the repair / damage; similarly, the location will detail exactly where this repair is on the aircraft.​ This is critical during a review to ensure recorded dimensions are accurate.

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