Complexity of a Lease Transition

At IALTA we understand the complexity of a Lease Transition from the perspective of the Redelivery Airline, the Lessor and the next Lessee. There are a high number of variables to be controlled by the Leasing company’s Technical Project Manager and all to completed within a defined budget and timeline.

While the aircraft is on lease it remains the property of the Lessor (or owner) who will be seeking to maximize asset value and income generating potential over the full useful life of the aircraft, which will usually span multiple lease periods and Lessees.

The lease agreement contains provisions which govern maintenance and record keeping standards together with limitations relating to the use and operation of the aircraft during the lease term.

Technical consultants understand that the paperwork demonstrates the aircrafts continuing airworthiness and supports high levels of safety, planning and reliability monitoring BUT it is also important to highlight that the Technical Records review at end of lease must also be performed with a level of commercial awareness that allows for high-cost items and long lead time kits, components to be identified early in the event to ensure an “on-time, on-budget delivery”.

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