CAMO – Aircraft Reliability – The value of information.

CAMO – Aircraft Reliability – The value of information.

We have looked previously at some of the considerations with regards to items you may and may not want to include in your reliability programme; of course, the purpose of all the data we gather is to create information we can use to improve reliability of the aircraft.

The reliability programme can be used to monitor the effectiveness of the maintenance plan for the aircraft but can also help us in identifying trends that might come to light.

For example, we can monitor trends regarding defects such as deterioration observed during routine maintenance or reductions in operational reliability.

The defects can then be followed up and investigated – consider factors such as when components are sent for overhaul vs expected service life, we can consider the workshop and overhaul facility findings or factors such as the SB (service bulletin) status where applicable.

The reliability data can be used for multiple evaluations such as modification’s, service bulletins or any other technical instructions we carry out and compared to maintenance plan thresholds and intervals.

The range and depth of the analysis along with the interpretation of all the data will depend upon your specific operation and the operation of the aircraft under your CAMO.

Reliability monitoring can be a key component in identifying issues such as highlighting early failures in a specific part number or components overhauled in a specific facility for example or we can see the impact of carrying out service bulletins where they are designed to increase reliability.

There are many different correlations we can determine from the reliability information when compared to items such as part numbers, suppliers, SB status etc.

The reliability programme can become complex with all the considerations, but when the data we gather is interrogated it can really offer some valuable information that we can use directly to ensure airworthiness is maintained as best we can.

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