CAMO – Aircraft Reliability Outcome / Reports & Meeting

CAMO – Aircraft Reliability Outcome / Reports & Meeting

An aircraft reliability programme will result in publication of a report. The report will demonstrate the tracking metrics such as defect rate per ATA or per Aircraft Type for example. The reliability report will be considered at a reliability meeting, which would cover many varied factors such as:

Repetitive defects.

Unscheduled component removals.

Deferred defects that require additional input from engineering or functions.

Any other maintenance issues noted or apparent.

The metrics can demonstrate where issues exist, for example a passenger airline might well have most in ATA 25 which covers the cabin area, or you might see a trend appear in ATA 36 if you had bleed issues on engines.

Depending on the investigations into reliability then the outcome might be to look for change and or follow up actions to be taken. This can be further investigation into a supplier for example, how implementation of a service bulletin affected an issue

You may look to implement a change or additional task(s) in the maintenance program arising from the reliability program; such a change would have to be approved by the competent authority.

The key aim of the programme is to ensure increased reliability and demonstrate the effectiveness of the maintenance plan, while offering an appraisal of issues such as early component failure so they can be identified and dealt with.

We have seen how the reliability programme can validate service bulletin implementation vs reliability or show issues from a supplier / workshop, it can allow us to see how intervals or thresholds might not suit our operation and we can monitor defects across the fleet.

The reliability programme is a key stone for any operation and as seen in prior posts there is a great many considerations in how to best achieve this – it is a complex programme to operate and maintain but offers an insight we otherwise do not see.

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