Awareness of an Aircraft’s AMP (Aircraft Maintenance Programme) Sources

The AMP is a specific maintenance plan for any particular aircraft. When the document is created there are many different sources for us to consider.

We have mentioned in prior post’s about how certain MPD (Maintenance Planning Data) thresholds / intervals can be changed in an AMP depending on factors such as environment, regulatory body, reliability etc.

There are also multiple additional sources for the AMP that are important considerations while the MPD forms a core section of the AMP. What we need to consider is further ICA’s (Instructions for Continued Airworthiness) that might apply for our aircraft.

For example, over time the aircraft may get damaged and as such have repairs; the repair in turn will have an ICA associated which may impact your aircraft; additionally, AD’s (Airworthiness Directives) where repeat inspections apply could also form a part of the AMP.

Further considerations could include many other sources such as:
Engine Manuals – Typically the engine life items would be located in the engine manual.

APU Manual – The Component Manual or Engine Manual for the APU would be similar to the engine.

Regulating Body Regulations – Such as EASA documents including Part CAT (Commercial Air Transport).

National Regulations – they may be more restrictive or additional tasks may be required.

Aircraft Reliability Monitoring – this can be used to ensure the AMP is effective.

Service Bulletins – They may contain ICA’s that you will include within the AMP.

There are many other considerations including vendor manuals which will also require consideration.

We are currently creating a series of new courses which will focus on the CAMO (Continued Airworthiness Management Organisation) and associated functions.

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