Aircraft Technical Leasing – Reviewing STC’s at Lease End 

Aircraft Technical Leasing – Reviewing STC’s at Lease End

A supplemental type certificate (STC) is a national aviation authority-approved major modification or repair to an existing type of certified aircraft, engine or propeller.

As it adds to the existing type certificate, it is deemed “supplemental”.

In the United States issuance of such certificates is under the purview of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA); in Europe this is European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

STC can be searched for and located on the relevant national aviation authority (NAA) webpages.

On the certificate you would expect to see:

*The design change that it covers

*How the modification affects the aircrafts existing design

*A list or reference to the effectivity of the STC

*The certification basis detailing regulatory compliance would also be noted that covers the change.

In summary a STC covers a change from the original Type Certificate (TC).

When performing a Technical Records review on behalf of a lessor you would check in detail the following for each STC embodied as per the STC/Modification report that you receive from the returning airline as part of the certified status package of documents.

*STC (Supplemental Type Certificate) ensuring the approval number is detailed and correct regulatory approval exists for the STC (EASA/FAA Certification may be separate approval)

*Right to Use Letter (RTU)

*MDL (Master Data List) and all documentation listed is required

*STC Manuals

*STC Wiring Lists

*STC Installation Instructions

*ICA (Instruction for Continued Airworthiness) and EICA (Electrical Instruction for Continued Airworthiness) requirements are accounted for in the AMP and at correct thresholds.(LDND may detail tasks)

*Manual and or supplements including the test procedures (AMM/IPC/PL/WDM/TSM/FIM)

*Check STC effective for AC being surveyed

*Check certified job card DFP for implementation of STC on the aircraft

*Check for any findings, test results or inspections during implementation of STC

*Check Aircraft Status report that STC modification recorded correctly and if it is installed or removed.

Certification for the parts used and or kit used (EASA Form 1 or FAA 8130).

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