Aircraft Leasing – Approved Maintenance Program (AMP) and Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO) work packs

Aircraft Technical Leasing – Introduction to Approved Maintenance Plan (AMP) and Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO) work pack definition

When an airline (lessee) leases an aircraft, they assume certain responsibilities such as:

• Performing maintenance on the aircraft and engines
• To have this maintenance performed in facilities that have the required approval consistent with the lease
• Having the airline planning department produce an AMP “approved maintenance program”
• Ensuring the AMP is current with OEMs (Boeing, Airbus, ATR, Embraer) MPD and MRBR (Maintenance Review Board Report).
• There will also be other considerations with reference to AD’s, SBs, and Interior work

Approved Maintenance Program means airline’s maintenance program for the aircraft, and it shall always be based on and in compliance with the current approved MRBR document applicable to the Aviation Authority.

The Agreed Maintenance Program shall be approved by the Aviation Authority and accepted by Lessor prior to Delivery

If the AMP is amended during the lease, then it must be shared with the Lessor.

The maintenance program will encompass:

Ø scheduled maintenance, condition monitored maintenance and on-condition maintenance of airframes, engines, and parts
Ø Servicing
Ø Testing
Ø Structural inspections
Ø Repairs
Ø System checks
Ø Overhauls
Ø Modifications
Ø Engineering Orders (EO)
Ø Airworthiness Directives (AD)
Ø Corrosion Prevention Control Program (CPCP) tasks

As a consultant representing an Airline or Lessor at a Redelivery Check you must understand the lease redelivery obligations and clearances as stated in the Lease Contract.

One of your roles will be to review the manhours being presented to you by the MRO and it good practice to be aware of how the MRO will structure the various work packs, below is an example:

Routine – MPD tasks and the access required to perform these tasks.

Defect – Defects found while performing routine tasks.

Exterior – Customer specific tasks associated with aircraft exterior. Painting, cleaning, etc.

Interior – Any customer specific tasks associated with aircraft interior cosmetic work. Seat overhaul, galley refurb., carpet, paint, laminates, etc.

Modifications – Any AD/SB or customer EO related tasks.

Additional Work – Any extra work requests after contract signature and/or during the maintenance event.

Planned HT Component Changes – Separate work pack if an airline has a specific component program.

Incoming open items/defects – Defects recorded in advance of heavy maintenance visit in the Pilots Tech log or Cabin Tech Log.

Other Customer Requests – This work pack is often kept for work that requires to be separated for invoicing, an example whereby the airline is paying a portion of the man hours and the lessor the remainder. This pack can be also used for warranty man hours.

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