Aircraft Structural Damage

When assessing aircraft structural damage, a review can be quite complex and significantly vary dependant on source or revision for the repair reference. Damage may remain “as is” which means it is acceptable in current condition or it might need a repair to be completed.

You would expect typically to see a works order for the damage detailing the evaluation and certification with approved data references, dates, flight hours and cycles.

Additionally, you would expect to see NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) documentation for the item as applicable.

For each repair or damage, it would then have a “threshold” for further works or inspections to be completed; classification might be temporary or permanent.

For a review of aircraft damage, you should have a repair folder ideally with pictures, but always detailing the location and assessment for each item.

There are additional considerations dependant on the repair and or damage, an important part of the review is a physical check that the aircraft repair file corresponds to the current condition of the aircraft and details such as locations and dimensions of damage are accurate.

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