Aircraft Repossession & Asset monitoring – Ferry Flight Preparation

When we want to move an aircraft after a repossession will occur, we need to ensure some details are in place. Often we will need some details such as the details for the installed Engines/APU and landing gear for example, we will need the current maintenance status, hours and cycles for the aircraft and scheduled maintenance also for example. 

We will need these items and more in order that we can apply for a permit to fly, which will enable us to move the aircraft. Some considerations with the permit to fly is we cannot apply a prior document such as the MEL (minimum equipment list) and all defects / status should be referred to the CAMO (Continued Airworthiness Management Organisation) and where relevant then noted for the permit to fly. 

Typically, a lessor repossessing will advise a Ferry Flight provider and the Lessor will need to check their own insurance policy to ensure there is cover for the Ferry Flight. Additional considerations then are to ensure that we have the following in place as an example (depending on location and national aviation authority the list can differ)

Certificate of Registration

Certificate of Airworthiness OR Ferry Flight Permit

Lessor to supply copy of their insurance 

Radio License

Noise Certificate

Proof of de-Registration

Certificate of Release to Service

Certified Weigh Report

MRO Sponsor letter for Pilots to gain access

Export / Import documentation

As we noted, additional information may also be required, but as a guide this is a good place to start ensuring that these documents are on board for the flight.

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