Aircraft Redelivery – Modifications

Modifications are commonly carried out by a lessee during a lease term; the modification may remain in use, or it might be removed in the same lease period.

So, if an operator leases an aircraft, then performs a modification in the cabin for example, but a couple of years later makes a change again and decides to remove the modification; do you need to look for any information regarding the now removed modification?

In short; Yes. You should still look for documentation regardless of the modification now being removed. The aircraft modification report: commonly modifications & STC’s (Supplemental Type Certificates are grouped together) should still state the modification details; even when the aircraft now has this deactivated.

The installation along with the deactivation and or removal documents (DFP Dirty Fingerprints) should be referenced – you will be able then to see the point of installation and removal along with the document’s detailing the modification and any requirement’s that it might have.

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