Aircraft Leasing & CAMO Required Paint Documentation

Aircraft Leasing & CAMO Required Paint Documentation

We need to remember that the paint process whether it is a simple logo application or a complex new livery that both are considered an aircraft modification.

As with any modification you will need to have certain documentation and oversight to perform the work.

The modification will have a technical set of instructions and accompanying drawings which may be covered under one of the following:

*EO – Engineering order

*SB – Service Bulletin

*EB – Engineering Bulletin

This document will define the standard practices and procedures to paint the aircraft.

The document is specific and relevant to one or multiple aircraft, often identified by MSN (Manufacturers Serial Number) or registrations.

Check your modification documentation to ensure your MSN is listed and all referenced supplemental documents are available to you – be aware also for specified revision numbers on the documentation and flag notes also.

Within the documentation we should be able to consider the following:

Technical markings drawing – This will be your checklist for your technical marking’s inspection post paint and application.

A good practice is to confirm the paint facility have all technical markings in the kit, as are listed on your drawing before they are required – note also flag notes for these; commonly one kit will be provided but might cover multiple engine types so the technical marking applied will depend on the aircraft configuration.

The technical marking drawing will not always be provided, instead the EO/SB/EB may state the technical markings to be installed in accordance with the AMM (Aircraft Maintenance Manual) or IPC (Illustrated Parts Catalogue).

Livery drawing – The livery drawing is reflective of what the product should look like.

As such the drawing should be detailed enough to accurately apply all livery stencils and match correct paint colours.

Certain flag notes should be included such as dimensional units – mm/cm, paint code references or door bands information for example, you should be cross checking the drawing number and revision number against what is stated in your EO/SB/EB for any differences.

Once you are satisfied you have all the documents and correct revisions to hand, then you are ready for the pre input meeting – it is best to bring these documents to the meeting and ensure the paint facility is happy all information available and all the provisions / material required are ready to go (paint, stencils, and technical marking kits etc).

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