Aircraft Leasing – Aircraft Recovery Checklist

Aircraft Leasing – Aircraft Recovery Checklist

Recovering an aircraft in a non-normal scenario such as an early lease termination or repossession can be a challenge for many reasons.

The requirements to operate the aircraft typically fall under a permit to fly and this requires that you can provide certain information.

Additionally, we can consider that a leased aircraft asset value is largely contained within its records; therefor as important as the physical aircraft is, the records value should not be underestimated.

A number of followers have requested us to post some information on recovering an aircraft from an early lease termination and in particular what priority documents would need to be addressed.

We have attached an “ideal state” checklist, those of you that are doing this for several years will know that it seldom goes to plan, but for the followers that requested the post we hope that this helps.

Depending on your situation there may be administration or receiver’s dealing with the assets, and they will charge typically to release records based on their time and cost to do so; there may be unpaid fees on your aircraft that you need to discuss to release it, some components such as an engine might not be the title engine for the aircraft and belong to another lessor; there are so many number of external factors can fall into play.

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