Aircraft Lease Transitions –Most common repeat findings

During a transition of an aircraft the aircraft technical records that detail all the maintenance for the aircraft is reviewed along with the supporting documentation and the status of the aircraft/components.

So,this week we are looking for your views on what the most common aircraft technical records issues that are found at Redelivery on an end-of-lease review.

From our experience, we have observed the following areas to be common and repeat findings that can have significant time and cost implications. They are in most case findings that while possibly not able to rectify in advance you can be aware of them and plan the response in advance.

These items when found during a review can cause delays and complications as well as tension and have in some cases significant financial impact.

Structural Repair paperwork –incomplete, missing references or supporting documents such as NDT (non-destructive testing) or no revision of manual noted for example.

Back to Birth trace –ability to display the trace to birth history, ability to prove thrust ratings.

Weight issues and Engine Thrust–records to support the tasks andor configuration.

Misplaced Records –required records not available for demonstration.

Aligning with the Maintenance Planning Document (MPD) –common requirement to use the generic intervals and thresholds so we should transition back to these.

Componentrelease paperwork –especially important now, the Form 1 or FAA 8130 for example we can note commonly issues with the release document.

What have you found on your reviews that you consider common, what could be found before the event and have the timeand money saved? Looking forward to receiving your comments below.

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