Aircraft Capability Statements – Aircraft Lease Return

Aircraft Capability Statements – Aircraft Lease Return

A capability is something which the aircraft can do, is capable of and is certified to do.

Some aircraft may have a capability, but not use it – an example might be ETOPS. Extended Twin Operations is a set of compliance rules that govern how an aircraft on two engines can fly with relation to vicinity of an airport.

Just because an aircraft can be ETOPS does not mean it is. (ETOPS can also be known as EDTO “Extended Diversion Time Operations”.

The aircraft may have many other capabilities and systems may be compatible to different states of compliance. Typically, you might look to consider the following examples:

  • RVSM capability – RVSM or Reduced Vertical Separation Minima is a set of guidelines that allows aircraft to pass within 1000ft separation vertically between certain flight levels (FL290-FL410)
  • Certified MNPS standard – MNPS or “Minimum Navigation Performance Specification” is to ensure that aircraft operating within certain flight levels and areas have a required navigation standard to ensure that a defined separation is always ensured between aircraft.
  • Certified ADS-B capability – ADS or Automatic Dependent Surveillance is a system that allows an aircraft’s identity and position to be broadcast along with some other information also.
  • RNP for aircraft – RNP or Required Navigation Performance allows an aircraft to navigate a path between two locations on a 3-dimensional plan.
  • Autoland status and capability – Autoland systems are those which allow the aircraft to automatically complete the final phase of flight; that of landing the aircraft and in some cases rollout.

The examples are by no means exhaustive and there is many more, the capability listing for the aircraft is a very important aspect of a review and particularly a mid-lease review also as this can be used to secure future customers for the aircraft.

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