What is a Last Done / Next Due (LDND)?

The name is a bit of a give away in that you might guess it is when something was “Last Done” and when it is “Next Due”. Commonly abbreviated to LDND, it is especially important during a lease review.

Typically you may consider the following in a Last Done / Next Due review:

+ MPD (Maintenance Planning Document) – Systems, APU and Powerplant​

+ MPD – Structures​

+ MPD – Zonal ​

+ MPD AWL (Airworthiness Limitation Items)​

+ MPD CMR (Certificate Maintenance Requirements)​

+ STC (Supplemental Type Certificate) requirements​

+ ICA (Instructions for Continued Airworthiness) requirements​

+ EICA (Electrical Instructions for Continued Airworthiness) requirements​

+ D+B (Dent and Buckle) requirements​

Depending on the operator the above items may feature in separate reports or be part of one report – either of these options is acceptable as long as you have the information required to complete your review. Interval’s might be present in calendar days, flight hours or flight cycles.

The thresholds applied in the lease return are particularly important to note – the threshold applied in a LDND might not be as per MPD.

The AMP (Approved Maintenance Programme) is specific for an aircraft and as such is influenced by many factors; the operator/airline might change thresholds accordingly so always consider the lease return conditions as it is usually against MPD intervals for example.

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