The Technical Log

The Technical Log is used for day-to-day operations and may be paper based as shown below or electronic on a tablet. Either is acceptable when performing a technical records review at the end of lease.

Technical Logs can be used to check non routine maintenance such as damage evaluations / repairs, modifications or any components replaced as a result of a defect. Note that any changes should also be reflected by the STATUS REPORT for the aircraft.

With a change of modification on the aircraft can come a change in maintenance requirements and so this is important to verify.

An end of lease review of Tech Log pages would typically involve a minimum of 3 years of tech log page history.

Your review should also identify “repetitive” defects that as of yet may not be rectified by the lessee (airline).

1. The techlog page will identify the aircraft registration, type, date, and the route flown.

2. Any defects, notes to crew or records of maintenance can be recorded also. Typically, an entry will be opened and once opened the aircraft cannot operate unless the entry is closed. This may be deferred (meaning the aircraft operates with a defect when permitted to do so).

3. The Fuel uplift and quantity is recorded in this section.

4. The transit or checks may be recorded such as ETOPS departures.

5. Oil levels, amount topped up in the engines and APU. Additionally, the hydraulics top ups are also recorded for monitoring.

It is important to note that Technical Log Books will all vary in layout with differing operators.

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