The Open Item List – OIL

During a review of an aircraft, we will consider many different aspects of the records and aircraft configuration.

During the review we will have queries and concerns regarding discrepancies in the records we review.

This means we need a way for the lessee (returning or starting a lease on the aircraft) and the lessor to communicate and satisfy the queries and concerns.

For this we use what is called an OIL – Open Item List or similar.

This is basically a spreadsheet with multiple tabs regarding each of the different review aspects; for example (AD, SB/MOD/STC, Components HT, Components OCCM, Engines #, APU, Landing Gear, Repair File, Physical Observations etc.

Under the relevant tab we can then one party may enter a query or concern – the other party will then be able to address the query.

During the lease review we will see multiple (often hundreds) of items raised as queries and in turn then the answer will be offered on the OIL.

Once the answer has been considered, the query/concern can then be closed or remains open if the answer is not satisfactory.

Consider an example; during a repair file review we note that part of the DFP (Dirty Finger Print) is not present, and we require it. This then becomes an open item which must be satisfied.

Some items will not be closed and may have a “financial” solution or side letter attached to the lease depending on the situation.

Remember that such a document is often visible by multiple parties (lessee / lessor)

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