Review of Repair Evaluation & Categories

During an aircraft’s life it will almost certainly sustain some damage which will require a repair; note even if damage is acceptable “as is” we still consider this a repair.

Typically, damage will be assessed against a document such as a “Structure Repair Manual” and based on the assessment compared to the limits defined actions will be required (Inspection / Non-Destructive Testing / Repair patch etc)

Should damage be outside the approved document such as the “Structure Repair Manual” then a repair can be sought from an OEM or acceptable sources.

What then happens is the repair is given a category – the repair might well affect the inspection threshold for the area in which it is located. For example, if an inspection was due every 10,000 FC, after the repair then the threshold might lower to 6,000 FC; ultimately now we have a reduced inspection interval, and this is important during a lease review.

The repair will be categorised as:
–         Temporary
–         Long Term
–         Long Term with additional conditions attached

The additional conditions for long term repairs should be reviewed to see their compliance with lease conditions and also that the conditions form a part of the AMP so that we remain airworthiness compliant.
A temporary solution is typically not accepted as this required further work at lower thresholds and or a permanent repair to be applied.

In certain cases, a temporary repair may have inspections to be carried out at certain thresholds and dependent on results then the repair is deemed to be permanent, and the thresholds can change.

Structural evaluation and considerations are always an interesting area and important for their impact on any aircraft lease / transition.

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