Reporting progress on the Redelivery

Reporting progress on the Redelivery / Delivery Check in the MRO to the Lessor/Owner/Bank is an essential part of the role as the technical consultant on-site.
It is a good idea to create a Critical Path Milestone Tracker that covers the major tasks of the MRO event so that you can easily measure progress.

An example of what could be included;
•MRO input date
•Inspection Milestone date
•Key component arrival dates
•Sheetmetal Repair completion date
•Fuel tanks closed
•Power ON
•Gear Swing
•Cabin Acceptance
•Engine Run
•Demo Flight

Keeping a record of the Engineering/DOA queries is also important as the response time, approval and implementation of some issues can take weeks in some cases.

Your communication with the CAMO and logging their responses is something that will also add value to your report back to the lessor/owner/bank.

The technical consultant should also be aware of all material orders and be in a position to highlight the high cost items and parts with long lead times that could impact the CRS (Certificate of Return to Service) date.

Finally, as the technical consultant agree the “rhythm” for reports (daily/weekly) and who should be included on copy.

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