Permit To Fly – PtF

During a lease transition or during a period when an aircraft may be stored by a lessor / airline there may be a time that flight is required, and the aircraft is not currently meeting the airworthiness requirements; for example, there may be overdue maintenance.

Under certain circumstances we can still operate the aircraft for flight and in this case, we would look to use something called a “Permit to Fly” or “PtF”.

Such an option is only possible when the aircraft is deemed to be capable of “safe flight” and can be operated under certain conditions which can be restrictive, so important to be aware of.

It is also worth noting that typical documents you might be used to such as an MEL (Minimum Equipment List) may not apply, although you may be able to use the MMEL (Master Minimum Equipment List) when permitted.

The purpose(s) of the flight is an important consideration and will need to be noted explaining how the aircraft is not complying with airworthiness requirements including any known defects and also the flight conditions – particularly noting any restrictions.

Conditions when such a permit might be issued include:

  • Flying the aircraft to a location where maintenance or airworthiness review are to be performed, or to a place of storage.
  • Flying aircraft under production between production facilities.
  • Flying the aircraft for customer acceptance.
  • Delivering or exporting the aircraft.
  • Flying the aircraft for Authority acceptance.

There are of course mandatory documents and conditions to be met for flight, but a permit to fly is an important consideration to be aware of during a transition, delivery and at times when a repossession might be required.

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