Maintenance Plan Transitions During a Lease

An aircraft lease can be a complex event when dealing with the multiple tasks and considerations regarding the return conditions as defined in a lease agreement.

The task’s associated with reviewing those conditions against the aircraft and its associated records protect the value of the asset and also ensure a known standard for the next transition.

Depending on your role in a transition you might well find that you will be involved also in a “bridging check”.

An aircraft can only operate under one Aircraft Maintenance Plan(AMP); so typically, different operators, or even a lessor receiving an aircraft will have different requirements to the AMP which is currently in use.

This means that the aircraft might well move from one maintenance plan to another – the process of which is known as the “bridging check” as we “bridge” together the different maintenance plans.

As an example – a lessee might reduce intervals on some maintenance for reliability, they might extend in some cases or add in specific operator tasks.

The “bridging check” check is where the tasks, thresholds and intervals are considered for how the aircraft is currently maintained according to Vs. what the next maintenance plan will require; the differences / shortfalls or additional tasks will be carried out as required.

Changes in maintenance and requirements can be driven by many factors, such as a lessor receiving an aircraft will not typically want additional tasks or reduced intervals / thresholds as this could lead to additional maintenance and cost.

The lessor might look to refer back to MPD (Maintenance Planning Document) thresholds and intervals for example.

Remember we can always refer to the lease for specific requirements on return.

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