CAMO SMS Safety Management and Risk Registers

Continuing on from last weekend’s post, A key part of CAMO SMS Safety Management and Risk Registers is to safety management is the appreciation of hazards and determination of the risk.

If we can identify and appraise the current known risks, then we have an ability to manage these. As a high-level appraisal, we can look at the following considerations.

You can identify the hazards in your environment – where we consider a hazard to be a potential event causing injury or harm.

The hazard might not have occurred previously but has the possibility of occurring; is it possible or impossible.

Now you have a hazard, then you can consider the probability that it could occur.

This is how likely the hazard is to happen.

If you then consider the impact of the hazard occurring, then we are considering the consequence, and this is a critical consideration.

We can append numerical values to these considerations often using a “risk matrix” where we select the probability and consequence from a matrix table where pre-determined numerical values exist for the probability and consequence.

Finally, then we get to risk itself and if we think about risk as “the possibility of a negative event that could cause injury to a person(s), loss or damage to objects that has resulted from a hazard existing” then we come to be able to determine risk:

Risk = probability X consequence, which means we can now append a numerical value.

This information can allow you to evaluate your existing environment and based on the risk values, we can determine an acceptable level of risk, which in turn highlights unacceptable risk. In such cases for example we might then look to implement mitigations; with the mitigations you can reassess the risk where the mitigation might then lower the risk value to be acceptable.

This is the basis of your risk register – your assessed risks for known hazards.

There are of course different methodologies and tools available to assist this process.

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